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Friday, October 23

Congress Stakes Claim To Form Govt In Haryana

Congress Stakes Claim To Form Govt In HaryanaNew Delhi: After receiving the letter of support from independent legislature session, Congress on Friday posted a complaint to the Haryana Governor Jagannath Pahadi to form the next government in the state.

The legislative session, Prahlad Singh, said he would go with the Congress. Six independent had already pledged their support to the training of the next government.

State Congress president Phool Chand Mullane, who lost his election, took the letter from the Party as well as letters of support from the six independent legislators Jagannath Pahadi governor.

Leaving the Raj Bhavan, Mullane said, “We have delivered the letters of the seven independent MLAs to the Governor.”

There are also reports that Congress has also reached an understanding with the MLAs two BSP tactics.

Congress bags 40 seats in the survey of the state Assembly, well below expectations of trust, up to halfway of the 90-member assembly.

Now, with the support of seven MLAs and MLAs of the BSP, the party now claims to have a wafer thin majority in the Assembly.

However, the Congress high command seems uncomfortable with the idea of dispensing this kind and that’s why the party managers are negotiating with the Haryana Janhit Congress (HJC) leader Kuldeep Bishnoi – which has seven MLAs – and his father Bhajan Lal, a former Congress Chief Minister of the State.

But Bishnoi keeps his cards close to his chest, told reporters in New Delhi today, said, “Talks are on. We’re getting calls from Congress and INLD. The situation will only be known by late today, but one thing is clear that our party will form part of the next government. ”

When asked about his opposition to CM Hooda as the next, he said, “My party only goal is to work for development. We are not worried about anyone who takes the chair of the CM”.

Curiously, the State Congress chief Mullane, after meeting with Governor said he has not yet had conversations with Bishnoi.

Here in New Delhi, the party president Sonia Gandhi launched the consultation process for the formation of government in Haryana and Maharashtra.

Sonia met Ahmed Patel and Prithviraj Chauhan (In charge of Haryana) at his residence this morning to chart the way forward. The importance of meeting the gains that have been rumors about a need for change in leadership in both states, particularly in Haryana, due to an average return of the party.

Obviously, Bhupinder Singh Hooda feels pressured to resign, but his holding from now onwards.

Infact was in Delhi yesterday and held consultations with the High Command, but the top brass has not yet clarified whether Hooda will be the party’s election for prime minister.

Suicide Blast In Peshawar,Pakistan

Suicide Blast In Peshawar,PakistanPESHAWAR: A large explosion occurred in a restaurant in the city, leaving 10 people injured, Friday.

The incident took place at Hayat Abad phase two, the elegant district of the city devastated by war.
He threw smoke into the sky like a huge explosion destroyed a luxury neighborhood of Peshawar.

It was not clear until the explosion was a suicide or a pump brushed. Police said the explosive material exploded in a car.

Fierce firing was also reported after the incident.

Police have cordoned off the area. Rescuers arrived and ferried the injured to hospitals. News correspondent said eight to ten people were taken to nearby hospitals.
Hospital authorities said there was not critically injured.

Earlier today, at least seven people were killed and 13 wounded in a suicide attack on a military base in Kamra near the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC).

The incident occurred about 80 kilometers (50 miles) west of Islamabad

Five Maoists Arrested In Chhattisgarh

Five Maoists Arrested In ChhattisgarhRAIPUR: Five members of the outlawed Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) were arrested in a village in the volatile area south of Chhattisgarh

Bijapur, the police here on Friday.

The arrests were made Thursday night by a police team led by district superintendent of police, Avinash Mohanty, in the village amid the forests of the jungle, about 500 km from here.

“The five arrested Maoists were actively involved in several major attacks in the district in the recent past, we are desperately seeking,” Mohanty said by telephone.

Police recovered explosives and Maoist literature from them.

Bijapur is a part of the vast region of Bastar. Police say about 1,500 people died in the state since 2004 in Maoist violence, 90% of the casualties were in Bastar, spread over 40,000 square kilometers.

Suicide Attack Near Nuke-Linked Complex In Pakistan, 7 Killed

Suicide Attack Near Nuke-Linked Complex In Pakistan, 7 KilledISLAMABAD: A suicide bomber attacked a checkpoint near a military complex linked to alleged nuclear weapons program in Pakistan on Friday,

Security forces inspect the site of a suicide bombing at the entrance of the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in Kamra. (Reuters)
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killing seven people as the army continues a major offensive against the Taliban in the northwest. (Video)

The attack took place near the aeronautical complex at Kamra expansion, about 30 miles (50 km) from the capital, Islamabad, and is sure to raise renewed concerns about the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear program.

Kamra The site is often mentioned by foreign military experts and researchers as a likely place to keep planes that can carry nuclear warheads. The army, which does not reveal where they are stored nuclear weapons, has denied that the facility is linked to the program.

The bomber was apparently on a bicycle and detonated his explosives at a checkpoint on a road leading to the complex, police officer Akbar Abbas said, blaming the Taliban. The seven dead included two security forces, while 13 people were injured.

“The attacker wanted to go. He blew himself up when officials wanted to search his body,” said Police Chief Attock Fakhar Sultan Raja said.

The attack is the latest in a wave of radical violence as Pakistan army carries out its offensive against Islamic militants in northwestern tribal region of South Waziristan. More than 170 people have died in attacks and raids on Western security-related objectives in the past three weeks.

One of the attacks of 22-including a confrontation hours at the headquarters of the army, a shameful violation of security that also raised concerns about their ability to protect the country’s nuclear weapons.

The complex in Kamra or their workers have been monitored at least once before. In December 2007, a car bomb exploded near a bus carrying the children of employees of the Pakistan Air Force, wounding five of them.

Pakistan has always insisted its nuclear program is safe, and has tried to protect it from militant attacks by storing warheads, detonators and missiles in separate facilities patrolled by elite troops.

U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton recently expressed his confidence in nuclear security in Pakistan, but analysts are divided over how to ensure that weapons are. Some say that guns are less safe than they were five years ago.

Security plans aside, much depends on the Pakistani army and how vulnerable to infiltration by militants, according to some observers. A possible scenario that could jeopardize the program militant supporters would find work as scientists at the premises and passing information to the extremist.

Pakistan is estimated that between 70 and 90 nuclear warheads, according to Hans Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project of the Federation of American Scientists.

Shaun Gregory, a Pakistani security expert at the University of Bradford in Britain, said in a recent interview that the militants have hit near an air base in Sargodha, where nuclear missiles are believed to be stored, and the Wah cantonment , where the missiles could carry nuclear weapons are believed to be assembled.

He said the attacks appear to have been aimed at nuclear weapons, but said there was no evidence of threats to the program.

Pakistan hopes its week-old military offensive in South Waziristan will go a long way toward eliminating the threat of militants on its soil, but residents fleeing the region, reported this week that the insurgents are digging in a fight.

Refugees arriving tired and dusty Thursday in the northwestern city of Dera Ismail Khan, from different parts of South Waziristan, reported heavy shelling by army planes and helicopters, but said they had seen no ground troops.

The militants were believed to control about 1275 miles square (3,300 square kilometers) of territory before the offensive began. The part covering about half of South Waziristan. The army says its troops are advancing steadily and to regain ground in three fronts. But officials have made clear that the campaign will be long and bloody.

The United Nations says 110,000 people have fled to South Waziristan in recent months increased speculation of an army offensive, about 30,000 of them in recent days. Many are staying with relatives or in rented houses in Dera Ismail Khan and nearby suburbs.

The new arrivals said the Taliban were preparing for a fight. “We saw no ground forces on the road, nothing but helicopters and planes. However, we have seen a lot of Taliban movement,” said Jan Awal, a refugee from the town of Sarwakai. “They were hanging around in their cars and digging trenches in the mountains.”

The military has previously moved in South Waziristan three times since 2004. Every time I have suffered many casualties and signed peace agreements that left the rebels with the effective control of the region. Western officials say al Qaeda is now using and neighboring North Waziristan as a base of operations and training.