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Tuesday, November 3

Domestic Violence Could Happen To Anyone, Rihanna

Domestic Violence Could Happen To Anyone, RihannaLOS ANGELES: Pop singer Rihanna is due to speak on the first night he was beaten by her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, said in a television interview that this could happen to anyone.

R & B singer Brown, 20, was sentenced to five years probation and community service in August to attack Rihanna, 21, on the eve of the Grammy Awards in February. He has since apologized for the assault but has remained largely on the media attention.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer that will air on “Good Morning America” on Thursday and Friday of this week, the singer from Barbados, said Brown was “definitely my first great love.”

“This happened to me … that can happen to anyone,” said Sawyer, ABC said in a statement.

Brown and Rihanna were among the fastest-rising R & B artists in the United States before the assault that led Brown to miss several commercial sponsorship and sparked a national debate about violent relationships.

Rihanna’s new single, ‘Russian Roulette’, in October and its fourth studio album “Rated R” is due to be released by Def Jam Records label later this month.