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Friday, November 13

Carrie Prejean Confirms SexTape Video

Carrie Prejean Confirms SexTape VideoCarrie Prejean, some might remember, is the beauty queen from California who won the instant outrage in some quarters by agreeing with President Obama ridiculous idea that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.
This was said to Prejean outrageously conservative, while Obama, a man and said the same across the endless election campaign, was rated the most liberal member of U.S. Senate a year ago. That must be what passes for progress today.
Both liberals and conservatives have been talking and laughing and pointing fingers of hypocrisy since. Furthermore, Prejean had breast augmentation, some perceptive critics noted, which is surely unthinkable for any woman in America, much less those who participate successfully in the business of beauty.
Anyway, Prejean California lost her Miss USA sash when she allegedly failing to …
… Provisions aspect of his contract because he was too busy becoming a conservative icon. As the soul of almost every breath in public life this month, he has written a book.
It is titled “Still Standing,” which some people may view as having a double meaning in the context of a sex tape, but not us. Sean Hannity, who also has a reputation dangerously conservative, wrote the foreword to the book and 22 years of age the author in his Fox News Channel program last night.
As so succinctly, “We could go right to it.”