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Friday, November 13

2012 Movie Review

2012 Movie ReviewThe final day extravaganza 2012 is not only porn disaster movie trailers and television commercials promise.

It’s much, much more stupid than that.

Massive changes in the outcome of the planet’s crust in the leveling of entire continents – however, cellular phone service remains uninterrupted.

Billions flee for their lives around the world – but the same half dozen continuous random character of execution itself.

U.S. President avoids being crushed by the Washington Monument – to end up getting hit in the kisser by a carrier.

I could go on, but the conclusion is that 2012 is a very silly and often very funny movie.

Whether that humor is intentional can be debated – and probably the time comes to DVD in 2012 and quickly became a drinking game. (Drink every time a character gradually moves away from the camera in fear terror; do a double shot whenever he or she whispers, “Oh … My … God.”)

The director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) seems proverbial swinging for the fences, as if he realized that no study of string will so much money, and this freedom more.

The film, which destroys everything, from Sin City (Las Vegas) to the city without sin (the Vatican), has been criticized for exploiting our “post-9/11 fears.” The charges could have hit if it were possible to take seriously even remotely 2012.

Emmerich is a style of Irwin Allen, “Master of Disaster” for the digital age – a filmmaker in love with the story of the old school, as well as innovative technical skill. The two mix like oil and water, which means that the product is completely useless, but actually quite nice, if well lit.

Stars John Cusack as a father divorced and struggling writer who runs a limousine for a Russian billionaire (Zlatko Buric), which may or may not have inside information about the government built spaceships designed to preserve the human race after a cataclysm that Mayan calendar schedule.

Breathe deeply.

Meanwhile, a geologist (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and a bureaucrat (Oliver Platt) to advise the president (Danny Glover), while disputes over the rights of innocent citizens, including Kate (Amanda Peet), the mother of writer and Limousine driver of children – who left her husband for a plastic surgeon (Tom McCarthy), whose flight experience could be useful as long as the Earth becomes a giant pit.

Did I mention that the movie is two hours and 38 minutes?

At some points, I was tempted to nip. Emmerich did actually get a respected actor Sprint Cusack as a track in the center of Yellowstone National Park while dodging the fireballs the size of condominiums – even if the whole thing was filmed on a soundstage in front of a green screen ?

The strange sequence types dramatically – and there are many – that 2012 is more pleasant than it is right to be. It is possible that Emmerich has made it the most expensive car of the hit parody of modern cinema.

Or it could be quite serious. Anyway, the movie is a big, dumb Hoot.