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Sunday, April 24

10 points to help a student to have excellent performance in the school / university

“Education is a key of life”.. This quote has been a world anthem, everybody needs to know it..Imagine you always doing the best you can to have better performance in your studies, but always end up with nothing. It is not true that you can’t achieve the best you always want to.. It is possible, you can make it to the top as you always wish to.. With no doubt, there some clues you need to understand so that they can back up your mission. Just calm down, and try to grasp some points discussed below are going to help.

In this life no one can decide the destiny of somebody. You are always the creator of your own destiny.. If that is the case, then you are the one who can decide to have better performance in your studies. I agree that some human beings were born with mental disabilities. If we exempt those who have born with mental disabilities the rest has all the reasons to make to the best of it in their studies. Why not? Great Scientists in this world did great things. Why can’t you be among them? They are human beings like you.. They have the same medulla oblongata like yours. Why can’t you be like them?!! That is the question has to roll in your mind while going through this article ..

There are mistakes made by most of Scholars when planning for their studies. This may be due to lack of guidance, recklessness or some other reasons. When planning for studies you need to be more careful because, once u make a mistake it will be difficult for you to rectify the situation and sometimes it may ruin your life. Why risk your own studies and life? Why can’t you take positive measures to avoid this tragedy?

Here are the ten points to help you.

1. Course selection..

The course you select while deciding to go for high studies, is responsible for paving your way to what you want to be in life. While choosing a course for high studies, you need to understand your capabilities, ambitions and dreams. It is worthless for a student planned to become a Software Engineer, to go for Political studies..

Always someone needs to stick on his dreams. Don’t allow friends and family to intervene your interests, although you can allow them to advice and not make the last decision. It is an embarrassing moment when a student is aiming to study about BA and his family forcing him to study BSc. Parents need to understand the interests of their children and try to find a good way to advice them to achieve what they want to be. Never study because you want to praise someone, rather study in order to fulfill your dream, thirst and curiosity.

Make sure you are familiar with the details of the course you are going for, so that it can help you during the studying phase. Apart from being careful, try to find out the in and out of the course you are going to study and make sure you understand the syllabus of the course before you select the course. I wonder why some people do select any course simply because they want to be degree holders!!! This is ridiculous, and wastage of time. You need to know the details of the course going for, it helps a lot.

2. Type of institution to study

Different institutions have different philosophies. You need to understand the philosophy of an institution before going for it. Find out if that particular institutions can fit your plans. Make sure the institution has the quality required to impart the knowledge you need. Don’t go for a college just because you are admitted to, think, find out and decide

to be continued ....

by John Gagah

Osmania univ.