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Sunday, July 11

The World Cup Trophy Streaker Falls Victim To World Class Clothesline.

Someone tried to…do something with that World Cup trophy before the game, just after it’d been handed over by Fabio Cannavaro and placed on the fancy pedestal for the world to gawk. The “streaker” (generic term) – oh, twas just Jimmy Jump – ran onto the pitch and looked to be putting a beanie on the trophy before being laid out by a World Cup-quality clothesline by security. What a @#$%ing hit.

Look at that blazer arm not only flail around to knock him down, but also do so without allowing the trophy to touch grass. Astonishing technique, really. New Golden Boot standings:

i. Paul the Octopus
ii. Security guard
iii. Diego Forlan

Did Johnny Heitinga Deserve to be Sent Off?

The Wold Cup final wasn’t a pretty game of football. But it was somewhat evenly balanced until the 109th minute when Netherlands defender Johnny Heitinga was sent off, after receiving his second yellow of the game for the above incident.

Netherlands ability to disrupt Spain’s passing left the field with Heitinga. Because it’s hard enough to contain the tiki-taka passing with 11 men. With 10? Forget about it, and seven minutes later Andres Iniesta had won the game. So it’s fair to say the result of this final was heavily influenced by Heitinga’s sending off. So it’s an important moment and worth a second look.

Definitely Heitinga’s hand is on Iniesta’s shoulder, but only very briefly and certainly not when Iniesta goes down. So was Heitinga’s sending off too harsh?